Church Planter Qualifications

The Qualities a Mentor Will Seek to Develop in an Aspiring Church Planter The following ministry proficiencies will be evaluated and developed either through personal interaction or by use of such written or personnel resources that may be available to achieve the proficiencies listed in each of the categories below. Teaching & Preaching
  •   Understand the importance of and be able to engage in consistent biblical teaching, using various teaching methods as the setting may require.
  •   Understand the difference between teaching and preaching and being able to preach for commitment and life change.
  •   Understand the importance of and effectively engage in expository preaching.
  •   Understand the importance and master the ability to preach effectively in limited timeframes.
  •   Develop and use his own personal style of communication to the greatesteffectiveness.Outreach
  •   Understand the vital importance of outreach.
  •   Be able to lead by personal example in mobilizing the church plant in areas ofpersonal and corporate outreach.
  •   Develop and maintain an effective, ongoing plan for outreach that fits the communityto be reached and enables the people in the fledgling church to participate.Leadership
  •   Understand and model the biblical requirements for church leadership.
  •   Demonstrate ability to evaluate spiritual leadership qualifications in people.
  •   Develop and implement a plan to mentor people for church leadership
  •   Understand the process of interpersonal communication and the dynamics whichcontribute to, or diminish, its effectiveness in leadership.Planning
  •   Understand the vital relationship between planning and productive ministry and write a plan for church development.
  •   Develop skills for conducting group planning sessions, brainstorming and plan assessment/evaluation.Teamwork
  •   Ability to build teams for internal leadership and ministry and to conduct efficient, productive team meetings
  •   Ability to manage team activities for maximum effectiveness.
  •   Ability to lead teams of leaders in effective church structure and administration.