Birth and Growth


In 1958, a group of faithful pastors, concerned that many communities in the Pacific Northwest did not have independent, Bible teaching churches, determined to work together to plant churches and assist struggling churches in those communities. The result was the birth of Northwest Independent Church Extension (NICE).

Pastor Henry Boyd (Margaret), our director in the early years, laid the groundwork for things to come. He was succeeded by Rev. Don Strunk (Joann), whose vision for this work was evident in his active ministry, tireless promotion, and personal sacrifice. Both Boyd and Strunk continued to serve as missionary pastors after stepping out of the leadership responsibility. They are both now with the Lord.


In 1970, Dr. Roy Sprague (Elvia), began his 30 year tenure as Executive Director. During his service, NICE grew from a small group of men serving in Oregon and Washington, to an expanded group that also served in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Northern California. When Sprague became director, the Mission office was in his home. In 1981, we built and moved into an office facility in University Place, Washington. Dr. Sprague continues to serve with NICE as Minister at Large.

Rev. Earl Brubaker (Shirley), served with NICE as a church planter, missionary pastor, Field Director, and Assistant Director before taking leadership as Executive Director in January, 2000. In the fall of 2010, he stepped down as Executive Director, but continues to serve as Minister at Large. Under his direction the mission responded to requests to assist in planting churches in Alaska and British Columbia. The office that served us well for 25 years was purchased by Sunset Bible Church of University Place for their continued growth and development. The Mission continued to be located in University Place, although we leased space in an office complex.


Rev. Robert Rodgers is the current Executive Director of NICE. He and his wife Katherine served a number of churches as pastor in Washington and Idaho for over 25 years before taking on the position of Washington and Alaska Field Director with NICE for eight years. In the fall of 2010 he assumed the position of Director giving attention to the continued growth of the Mission through emphasizing church planting and assisting churches in spiritual growth and development. One of the means for this attainment is the encouragement and implementation of mentoring young men and couples to serve as Missionary Pastors with the Mission. A year after Rev. Rodgers’ Directorship, a new Office location was chosen in downtown Sumner, Washington which gave closer proximity to all the staff. The NICE Office is currently housed in space at Edgewood Bible Church, Edgewood, Washington.

In the years since 1958, God has allowed us to plant over 100 churches, place missionary pastors in another 100 small, struggling churches, and assist many, many others in their growth and development.

Our mission is to plant and serve independent, Bible preaching churches throughout the Northwest. We have men strategically located throughout the area to assist you and your church in planting new churches, finding a pastor or interim pastor, pulpit supply, leadership training, outreach ministries, Bible conferences, and counsel and encouragement.