Pastor Priorities Analysis

List the order which you feel the Pastor should do the following duties: *

___ Counseling 
___ Teaching Bible Classes/Studies
___ Community Involvement
___ Preaching
___ Children’s Ministries (AWANA, VBS, etc.) ___ Shepherding the flock
___ Evangelism and Outreach
___ General visitation
___ Administrative duties
___ Hobbies
___ Visitation of sick, elderly, hospital calls ___ Training leadership
___ Youth work (Teens, youth group, etc.) ___ Study & Sermon preparation
___ Personal family time (wife & kids)

*No one is capable of doing everything equally well (see Eph 4:16). If you expect Superman in all areas you will be disappointed. Reasonable expectations, however, are not only valid but wise.


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Roger Hayden

Pastor Cambridge Bible Church

NICE Field Director
Inland Northwest Regional of the IFCA International

Revised April, 2006