Standard of Pastoral Ethics


These standards are recommended in an effort to create a professional understanding within IFCA International and Northwest Independent Church Extension and to preserve the dignity, maintain the discipline, and promote the integrity of our calling – the ministry of Jesus Christ.


  • I will endeavor to pray regularly, to read, study and meditate upon God’s Word and to maintain extended times of contemplation in pursuit of personal purity.
  • I will plan time to be with my family, realizing my special relationship to them and their position as important members of my congregation.
  • I will try to keep myself emotionally fit, keeping in control of my feelings and growing in my understanding of them.
  • I will strive to grow through comprehensive reading and through participation in professional educational opportunities.


  • I will seek to conduct myself consistently with my calling and commitment as a servant of God.
  • I will give full service to my congregation and will accept added responsibilities only if they do not interfere with the overall effectiveness of my ministry in the congregation.
  • I will treat all confidential matters as a sacred trust.
  • I will responsibly exercise the freedom of the pulpit, speaking the truth of God’s Word with conviction in love; I will acknowledge any extensive use of material prepared by someone else.


  • I will not perform services in the area of responsibility of my colleagues in the Christian ministry except upon their request and/or consent.
  • I will, upon my departure, sever my pastoral relations with the congregation, recognizing that all pastoral functions should henceforth rightfully be conducted by my successor. I will seek to honor courtesy agreements made with fellow pastors.
  • I will, upon retirement or withdrawal from the ministry, refrain from engaging in pastoral functions within our local church fellowship unless requested by the pastor.
  • I will seek to maintain supportive and caring relationships with my colleagues in the ministry.



  • I will be honest in my stewardship of money, paying bills promptly, asking no personal favors or discounts on the basis of my professional status.
  • I will seek to have a cheerful spirit and refrain from complaining even in times of financial pressure, because I will trust God to meet my needs in His time.
  • I will give offerings as a good steward and example to the church.


  • I will seek to regard all persons in the congregation with equal love and concern and undertake to minister impartially to their needs and refrain from behavior that will be divisive.
  • I will exercise confidence in the church’s leadership, assisting in their training and mobilizing their creativity.
  • I will seek to lead the church in a positive direction to achieve the goals we have mutually agreed upon. I will remain open to constructive criticism and to suggestions intended to strengthen our common ministry.
  • I will humbly admit my mistakes of judgment and seek forgiveness when I have sinned against others in the congregation. I will also extend forgiveness to those in the congregation who have wronged me or my family.
  • I will seek to deal fairly and honestly with the church I am presently serving, even within the possible process of candidating for another ministry.
  • I will resign from the church if my doctrinal position changes from that of the church.


I will cooperate with the personnel of the Fellowship Organization and Mission Agency in which I serve, and offer regular support in order that our common service in the kingdom of God might be more effective. Furthermore, I will use my influence to affirm and edify the fellowship of this church with this Fellowship Organization and Mission agency.